If you are a developer and you have a tutorial web, you might consider using syntax highlighter to beautify your sample of codes.

There are many libraries that provide this. you can use prettify.js from Google developers,highlight.js (http://highlightjs.org/), or any others you can find on the internet.

this time i'd like to give you some screenshots of highlight.js themes.
These are my favorite themes and i use one of them for this site. you can see how it works here : [Tutorial] Dynamic Layout in Laravel 4  for example (github theme)

Ok here are the lists : 

these themes are included in the package of Highlight.js if you then want to install it

1. github theme ( github.css)

2.  Foundation (founfation.css)

3. Googlecode (googlecode.css)

4. Obsidian (obsidian.css)